The Benefits of Product Videos

January 5, 2023

Video can be a powerful tool for businesses that sell physical or digital products. Like other strands of video marketing, such as performance videos, product videos have specific goals to meet and ways of communicating with the audience. While marketing as a whole aims to improve business for organizations, product videos specifically can have a tangible impact on important metrics.


Where brand and performance videos are more concerned with expressing brand values and capturing the attention of potential individual customers, product videos have a different goal which is as important as the other varieties of video marketing.


Defining Product Videos

Product videos can be described as explainers for products, whether it’s a physical appliance or SaaS software. The key aspect of any product video is that it shows how a product can be used no matter if it’s straightforward and single-use or has multi-faceted functionality.


While it’s important to show the product’s functionality as clearly as possible, it’s equally critical to exhibit what makes the product unique – How does it solve a customer’s potential problems? For instance, potential customers seeking project management software might want to know how many team members it can support and its collaborative features.


Qualities of Product Videos

Like all our projects, a product video begins with a client agreement and a video brief. Much like other marketing video types, we start with these initial details and client requests, but product videos differ in their execution.


Product videos, by their nature, need to take time to explain things, so they tend to run longer than performance videos. In our experience, product videos can last around 90 seconds on average. While this might sound like a relatively short period, it can be a creative challenge to highlight key functionality succinctly in such a tight time frame.


Crucially, product videos will contain a clear call to action at their conclusion. If an audience member has watched the entirety of a 90-second video that explains how to use an appliance, this could mean they’re more likely to buy it. It’s a sensible step to include a link or information about purchasing or where to go for further information at the end of a product video.


Showcasing Products in the Best Way

Ultimately, these videos should showcase products in the best possible way for both the target audience and the organization behind the product. This means physically showing it and telling the audience about it.


Unlike performance videos, which are developed to be short and personal, product videos are generally created to speak to larger audiences. They commonly show a product being used to leave no ambiguity in the audience’s mind. When creating product videos, we at Igloo Creative House like to explain the product as simply as possible so that the majority of the target audience can understand it easily.


While detailed product descriptions can be enough for some potential customers, video has the advantage of being able to present a product holistically. The best product videos show what it can do, and its unique aspects, and communicates that unambiguously to the target audience.


At Magic Media, we pride ourselves on our ability to create second-to-none videos for your projects, whether that is a video trailer, in-game animation or anything else you require. Looking for a video partner you can trust to showcase your product as well as possible? Take a look at our reels and get in contact with us today, we’d be happy to fulfill your video marketing needs!