Case Study: Work at Fiverr

August 4, 2022

Fiverr is an online marketplace for freelance services all over the world. The platform allows buyers to connect with freelancers who are offering their services. The multi-billion dollar company contains a wide range of service listings, including web design, resume writing, copywriting, and computer programming. Fiverr is a truly global platform and can be accessed in 160 different countries.



This project provided an interesting creative opportunity for Igloo Creative House. The client approached us with footage that had previously been shot for the purpose of making a recruitment video but had gone unused. Rather than make one longer-form video, Fiverr tasked us with creating six shorter recruitment videos.


The main obstacle was that the footage was initially shot for one longer recruitment video, so our task of repurposing it for shorter, bite-sized content was challenging and required us to work within the boundaries of pre-existing footage.



Using the material we were provided with by the client, we went through it carefully and identified six different stories that highlighted the advantages of working at Fiverr. We decided to make the videos energetic and employed quick edits in the videos. We were in charge of the design, typography, and rhythm of the twenty-second videos, which provided a lot of creative freedom.


We primarily used Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects to create the recruitment videos. With these tools and our own ingenuity, we were able to make six videos that effectively communicated the distinct benefits of working at Fiverr.



The client was very happy with the final products, and our videos were used as part of their marketing campaign for some time. The work we completed on this project impressed the client and led to us working with them more in the future. We went on to work with the client on further recruitment videos after this in a similar fast-paced and highly-energetic style.


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