Explainer Videos - Explained

May 2, 2024

Explainer videos are useful marketing videos that explain products and services in simple, easy-to-understand terms. The best and most effective explainer videos help your target audience gain an understanding of even the most complex products, services, and information.


At Igloo Creative House and the wider Magic Media group, we endeavor to create effective explainer videos exactly to our client’s requirements, whether they’re 3D animation, 2D animation, live-action, or hybrid videos in various visual styles. We intimately understand what makes high-quality explainer videos thanks to our extensive experience crafting them for our diverse portfolio of clients.


The Core Aspects of Explainer Videos


Though explainer videos can be confused with product videos, explainer videos can be used for much more than just products. They’re also effective for showcasing apps, services, data systems, ideas, and theories. Regardless of what explainer videos are specifically designed for, tight messaging is one of the core tenets we adhere to when creating them.


The overall feel of an explainer video is explanatory as they’re concerned with providing information. There is sometimes a temptation to push as many messages as possible about what is being explained, the brand behind it, and the company, but it’s crucial to prioritize the most important information that needs to be expressed to avoid overloading the explainer video with messaging.


To this end, we make every effort to keep our explainer videos a concise length, usually between 60-120 seconds. Anything more than this runs the risk of the explainer video becoming more like an informational video, rather than a tool to engage your audience and provide a call to action.


Explainer Video Creative and Design Processes


Explainer videos should be creative and original. Part of the appeal of explainer videos is that they can be used in place of long written content to provide the audience with information in an engaging manner, so to this end, they need to be compelling. Ultimately, explainer videos need to be more than just glorified PowerPoint presentations. They need to flow and have a narrative so that the product or application that’s being explained is easy for viewers to understand.


Design-wise, we follow a similar ethos in that we create our explainer videos to be interesting to watch, and informative, but grounded so that the core messaging isn’t lost, like all of our video content from performance marketing videos to product videos. Though wild, out-of-the-box visual designs can be enjoyable to look at, they can distract from the central goal of explainer videos, which is to explain complex ideas and items in easy-to-understand ways.


Explainer Video Rhythm


A surefire way to maintain your audience’s attention throughout your explainer video is to ensure your video has a good sense of rhythm. Rhythm helps your explainer video consistently move at a decent pace, which is essential for clearly delivering important messages. Just like music and poetry, a rhythmic explainer video provides a timed experience that viewers can easily follow.


Explainer video rhythm begins with the script and its structure, including well-timed pauses and interesting rhythmic dynamics. Rhythm bleeds through to narration, the editing process, the acting, and the animation. Though rhythm might not be immediately noticeable in explainer videos, its absence can make them feel lifeless like a flat presentation, which is something, as previously mentioned, we aim to avoid at all costs.


For all your video production needs, including explainer videos, brand, product, and performance marketing video content, Igloo Creative House is your trusted partner. Contact us today to learn more about our expert service offerings! As part of Magic Media, we offer services for gaming, entertainment, and tech projects including full-cycle game development, real-time VFX, and much more.