Igloo Creative House Projects in 2023

December 7, 2023

It’s been a fantastic year so far for the Igloo Creative team, as we’ve had the opportunity to work with a wide variety of clients this year to produce an array of distinct animations and video content, including game trailers, in-app video content, and video game animations.


As we’ve passed the halfway mark of 2023, we wanted to highlight some of the most notable projects we’ve had the opportunity to work on. We can’t wait to see what the rest of 2023 brings for Igloo Creative House and the wider Magic Media group, and to share updates throughout the year about our exciting activities.


Kusto Detective Agency Game Trailer


We had the pleasure of collaborating with Microsoft on Kusto Detective Agency, an interactive gaming experience designed to help teach developers the Kusto Query Language (KQL). We created a 2D animated game trailer to help Microsoft showcase the game, complete with a hardboiled detective voiceover and detective story-inspired visuals. We couldn’t be happier collaborating with Microsoft for Kusto Detective Agency’s game trailer!


Yahoo and Manchester City Video


One of the most high-profile projects we’ve worked on is a project in collaboration with Yahoo and Manchester City Football Club. This project combines our game trailer production and video game animation skills with live-action footage of recognizable faces and locations to deliver a trailer that undoubtedly excited all the Manchester City fans out there!


Gamma 4 Game Trailer


We collaborated with Bluzelle on a game trailer for the NFT strategy card game Gamma 4. We designed this game trailer to tease the game without revealing too much. We worked diligently to showcase the game’s apocalyptic sci-fi setting while highlighting our process from sketches to finalized visuals for this game trailer.


Kryptomon Game Trailer


We had the opportunity to work on an exciting game trailer for Kryptomon, a unique monster collection and battling open-world experience. Leveraging our video game animation experience, we combined live-action footage with animation to bring the Kryptomon monsters to life, both in terms of our creative expression and literally for the characters in the game trailer!


Pocket Champs User Acquisition Videos


We worked with publisher Madbox to craft several user acquisition advertisements for their multiplayer racing game, Pocket Champs. We used these trailers to showcase how players can traverse the game world and train their pocket champ.


Collaborating with Platige


One of the most unique projects we’ve had the pleasure of working on this year was a collaboration with Platige on the SpongeBob Crazy Carnival Ride in Las Vegas, an immersive experience combining dark rides with interactive video games, in the awesome universe of SpongeBob. We worked in the animation stages of this project to develop compelling experiences for its visitors. We worked to deliver outstanding animation that would match up with the high standards set by the venerated Nickelodeon animated series.


Match Masters x TMNT


We had the pleasure of working with Candivore on material for their smash hit match-three mobile game, Match Masters! We created a series of user acquisition videos themed around the beloved Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles franchise. We couldn’t be happier for the opportunity to help with this collaboration between Candivore and TMNT.


Holiday Finder


Throughout 2023, we worked extensively with Holiday Finder, a leading booking website in Israel. We developed an entirely new visual language for their TV commercials and Igloo was in charge of all their TV spots, from concept to creation, including shooting days, throughout 2023.




Goombles is an exciting tower defense game we had the opportunity to work on the marketing plan for. Our work on the project is still ongoing, but thus far we have created a series of user acquisition trailers and a high-quality game trailer. For this project, we were given a lot of creative freedom to come up with engaging stories and scenarios for its video content.


At Igloo Creative House, we’re ready and willing to bring out the best in your projects. Our portfolio speaks for itself in our ability to bring to life your brand videos, product videos, performance marketing content, and much more. To work with an experienced video partner, get in contact today!


Being part of Magic Media, a one-stop solution for all your gaming, entertainment, and tech projects, we’re happy to offer a wide range of services, including but not limited to full-cycle game development, real-time VFX, cybersecurity, and more. Reach out to us, and let’s create magic!