The Importance of Storytelling in Brand Videos

March 30, 2023

Brand videos play a significant role in any organization’s marketing strategy. As opposed to performance marketing videos and other styles of video content, brand videos exist to reinforce the overall brand and its values and help a business appear more relatable. The aim is to provide an impression of the organization as a whole, communicated at a high level.


Storytelling is a critical component of brand videos and can mean the difference between a decent brand video and a high-quality, effective one. It can enhance brand video content and make it more relatable to your audience, and convince potential customers that your organization is worthy of their business.


Essentials of Brand Video Storytelling

The core aspect of brand video content is using visual language to communicate the brand’s core values. Deviation from these aspects can mean that the video content is considered to be more of a product video or explainer. However, as long as there is room to communicate about the brand and its values, it’s still considered a brand video.


Much like filmmakers when they plan a movie, a brand video needs to contain several essential elements to ensure it’s coherent and relatable to the audience. Whether the video content is live-action, animation, or a mixture of both, numerous factors need to be considered. It’s important to determine the plot, the sequence of events that helps the narrative unfold, and to execute in a way that’s relevant to the brand and relatable to the viewer. Further to this, it’s critical to establish the target audience. The age ranges, geographical location, interests, and more need to be considered when crafting a brand video.


Brand videos also need to have a clear sense of purpose. While all brand videos will aim to increase brand awareness, it needs to be executed in a way that feels authentic to the target audience and showcases the brand’s genuine identity.


Communicating Brand Values

Through storytelling in brand videos, it’s possible to effectively communicate the values the brand holds dear. The brand’s messaging around its values should be evident in every aspect of the video, including its plot, characters, narrative, visual elements, and everything else. No matter what values the brand and organization hold, be it sustainability, honesty, accountability, or anything else, they can be expressed through brand videos.


This helps generate a sense of authenticity associated with the brand. This human element of brand videos can help ground the brand and make it more easily relatable to possible customers. The meaningful connection established with the target audience helps them see the brand as something more than just a provider of services or products, a group of people who share values that the audience themselves cherish.


Important Brand Video Considerations

There are key factors that must be considered when striving to create the highest quality visual stories possible in brand video content. To convey the brand’s values and mission statement as effectively as possible, the brand’s voice and tone need to be prevalent throughout the entire video. This can be accomplished while writing the script and using language relevant to the brand and its message, its rhythm, and overall direction. Video briefs are particularly helpful to receive from clients to understand the brand’s tone, voice, and language as well as possible.


Every visual detail needs to be closely examined, as well. Do intimate close-up shots make sense for your brand and its messaging? Or are wider shots more appropriate? Is it possible to make use of the brand’s signature colors throughout the video? For live-action video content, will the natural lighting of the shooting location help elicit the emotional response the brand wants? Every aspect of the brand video needs to be planned thoroughly to execute it as best as possible.


Brand Recall and Fostering Loyalty

An advantage of focusing on visual storytelling is that a well-executed video can help your brand stick out in a crowded market and the memory of potential customers. Relying on visuals that are cohesive with your brand is inherently more memorable than depending on text or other less stimulating delivery methods. Using an evocative visual story greatly enhances the chances of potential customers recalling your brand as they seek to address their needs.


A perfect example of this is a brand video that the Magic Media team completed for Airovation Technologies and its air purification systems. Using detailed visual effects to highlight the issue with pollutants, and how Airovation’s Technologies help overcome them, accompanied by a voiceover explaining what the organization does at a high level. Thoughtfully pieced together visual stories, such as the one we completed for Airovation Technologies, can help customers relate to the brand and its mission statement and foster advocacy.


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