Post Production

Post-production is one of the most vital aspects of any animation pipeline. The best animations contain exciting concepts executed with memorable visuals and audio elements, and post-production is key to tying it all together. Igloo Creative House has a wealth of experience with the post-production process for all manner of animation styles.


In our experience, post-production is where an animation project comes together. We leave no stone unturned during our post-production process to ensure that our animation reflects your wants and needs perfectly.


Post-production for us is a refinement process. We communicate with our clients consistently and clearly during the production phase so that we ensure we’re aligned with the client’s visions, and that anything we send them isn’t a surprise. During post-production, we painstakingly examine our work and make any necessary adjustments, either based on client feedback or our observations. Commonly, this entails making minor edits to ensure the animation runs fluidly from scene to scene. Often there are sound effects and music to be added at this stage, as well as polishing existing audio assets. Color grading, correction, and editing visual effects are just some of the other tasks we carry out during post-production. Our goal is to finely comb our work to ensure that nothing is out of place and that every element is as refined as possible.


Producing best-in-class animation is one thing, but polishing it to be as high quality as possible is another thing. At Igloo Creative House, we don’t compromise on the finishing touches that make our animations stand out. 


For a video partner you can trust with your post-production needs, contact us today to find out how our team can create the refined and well-polished animation that you need.