Case Study: API Suite

November 7, 2022

API Suite is a leading cloud-based middleware platform designed to help your APIs and integrations to be easily accessible from one central location. It’s easy to use and can be set up and run smoothly in a matter of minutes. API Suite makes something that would otherwise be highly technical easier to use, and we were delighted to be presented with the opportunity to craft video content to promote their platform.



We were tasked with creating a video to promote the API Suite platform. Immediately, it proved to be an interesting premise as API Suite is both the product and the brand itself. At the beginning of the project, our client had defined brand language that they wanted to incorporate into our video content. This was helpful to craft a basis for the script for the piece, but the challenge was to add a storytelling element while respecting the need for API Suite’s brand language.


Another challenge we encountered was camerawork and figuring out how to best use the assets we were provided. We were asked to use an isometric view for the piece, which meant we had to get creative about using narrative elements in the piece. The assets we had to work with were two-dimensional and designed isometrically, which necessitated exploring how to use them in a 3D environment.



After exploring multiple options, we opted to take the 2D assets we were provided with and use Adobe After Effects to create a 2.5D effect. This enabled us to add depth to the assets without converting them to 3D. From a visual perspective, this suited the isometric camera point of view used throughout the video perfectly.


To tell a consistent story throughout the video, we decided to make full use of the isometric perspective and have visual elements come in and out of the isometric plane as needed. We decided to use different camerawork for the opening and closing shots. The opening was designed to hook the target audience, and for the ending, we wanted to close with something dramatic and memorable.



Our client was delighted with the final result. Considering how complex APIs and integrations can be, they were pleased with how well we communicated with a marketing video, the product’s easy-to-use nature. API Suite prides itself on how comparatively easy it is to use compared to other products on the market, and we were delighted to showcase it in a similarly clear way with our video.


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