The Importance of Collaboration in Animation Production

May 25, 2023

Producing high-quality animation requires the efforts of diverse talents working together as one team with a common goal. Though individuals may stand out as being spectacularly skilled in their chosen crafts or within certain styles, animation can only reach its full potential with a collaborative element.


At Igloo Creative House, and the wider Magic Media group, every animation project we work on is an exercise in teamwork. This includes working with our clients on an informative basis with project updates and soaking up their knowledge and ideas to create the best animation possible. Both internally and externally with our clients, collaboration is one of the ingredients for success.


Client Feedback is Critical


Feedback is integral to the success of animation projects, both from the client and part of the internal team working together. Throughout the development of an animated project, feedback is a central part of our communication internally and with our client. Client-side, we keep in constant contact with them to deliver project updates, but also as an opportunity to receive feedback on existing work or the overall direction of the project.


Though it varies from project to project, client feedback has been instrumental for us on more than one occasion to deliver the best work we can. Through minor adjustments to style and direction stemming from client feedback, we’ve been able to surpass their expectations with our animation work.


Creative Expression and Requirements


At the outset of every project Igloo takes on, we endeavor to understand our client’s requirements as thoroughly as possible. In some projects, to support this, we receive a creative brief from them outlining their needs. From day one, our project managers establish a communication pipeline with our clients that’s sustained until the end of a project. As part of the initial steps, we present several creative plans to the client after we’ve sufficiently understood their requirements. Animation, fortunately, boasts an incredible range of styles that we can explore within both stylized and realistic categories.


It can happen throughout a project’s lifespan that our client’s requirements will change, and our team will need to pivot in our approach. We accomplish this collaboratively with our client. Where necessary, instead of simply applying feedback and adjusting our work to fit with their reviewed requirements, we engage in a two-way process to work out what’s best for the animation. Regardless of the changes, whether it’s a budgetary adjustment, the overall direction, or anything else, we always come to a mutually beneficial agreement that allows us to fulfill our requirements in a creatively interesting way executed to the highest quality possible.


Internal Collaboration


For us to execute our work creatively, the Igloo Creative House team needs to work as one unit. The essentials of teamwork apply, where communication is constant, we help each other out and bring forward issues as they arise. Beyond this, we set out to inspire each other creatively.  We discuss options and approaches rather than settling for the first direction that sounds appealing or suitable for a project. For instance, performance marketing video content is a perfect candidate for iteration, and often, footage from a performance marketing shoot is usable for multiple videos, both with animation and even live-action footage. With video content such as this, we can discuss and try out different approaches for hooking the audience member during the first few seconds of a video.


We encourage each other to think outside the box and experiment with different approaches, styles, and tools that work within the client’s requirements while still allowing us to be creative in our execution. This not only cultivates trust and an artistic rapport between our team members, but it also shows our clients in no uncertain terms that we look for the best creative solutions possible for their projects.


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