Crafting Successful Performance Marketing Videos

February 16, 2023

In today’s marketing environment, it’s more important than ever to grab users’ attention as quickly as possible. When executed well, performance marketing videos are an excellent way to grip the viewer’s attention, inform them about the product or service, and provide the next steps to take. But what are the core pillars of a well-crafted performance marketing video?


At Igloo Creative House and the Magic Media group, we have a tried and true approach to creating the best value and performing videos for our clients. Though each project is different in its makeup, there are core principles we adhere to that result in the most effective performance marketing video content possible.


Attention-Grabbing Video

One of our priorities is to ensure that the performance videos we create hook the audience within the first few seconds. Using video that visually pops due to either its use of color, audio, or dynamism, we can earn the attention of the viewer in either two or three seconds. 


In that same time frame, or perhaps a second or two longer, we provide context about what the video is related to it. If, for example, it’s an advertisement about an accounting firm, we’ll focus on what they can do for you and keep the footage relevant to that service.


Performance videos target passive social media users who aren’t looking for anything in particular but could come across the advertisement as part of a targeted campaign. Where brand and product videos speak relatively broadly to a large audience, performance videos seek to connect with the audience as individuals.


Appealing to the Customer and Core Features

Customers can be hesitant to buy products or services they see in advertisements, so naturally, there can be a high level of resistance when it comes to appealing to their wants and needs. Because of this, it’s paramount that we demonstrate what makes the product stand out in a way that is appealing to the target audience.


If we were crafting performance video content for Bluetooth earbuds, for instance, there are a few features that should be showcased. Core features that would be worth highlighting include battery life, overall sound quality, and spatial audio. Emphasizing what the product can do for the customer will help lower barriers to them purchasing it and resonate with them.


If there is something truly unique about the product, in this case, earbuds, it’s vital to spotlight those qualities. Whether they’re designed specifically for gaming or fitness or offer some breakthrough new technology, this will help even further.


Building Trust

Without establishing an element of trust from potential customers, performance marketing videos are arguably ineffective. Even if we highlight the best aspects of a product in the most authentic way possible, without that credibility with the audience, the video content could be unsuccessful.


An efficient way of accomplishing this is by displaying testimonials, client logos, and rankings to prove to the audience that other people and organizations have availed themselves of the products and that you can be found trustworthy. Video testimonials, in particular, we’ve seen to be particularly effective. Ultimately, your target audience will be more likely to convert to full customers if your organization can be considered demonstrably trustworthy.


Call to Action

Performance videos are critical to the success of numerous marketing campaigns, but without a call to action, it’s less likely that your target audience will become customers. For this reason, it’s crucial to leave the viewer with an action to take at the culmination of performance videos.


The best call to action is a relatively straightforward one so that the potential customer doesn’t encounter technical difficulties or barriers. This can be something as simple as prompting a download, but there needs to be an additional factor that makes it easier for the viewer to accomplish or more appealing.


This is commonly seen in C2As that ask the customer to sign up that also mention there is no credit card required for the trial period. In this instance, the less work required by the customer to get involved in the service makes it more appealing to them.


For all your performance marketing needs, Igloo Creative House is the trusted partner you need. Take a look at our reels today and get in contact, we’d be happy to lend our expertize.


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