The Importance of Performance Marketing Videos

August 25, 2022

What is Performance Marketing?

Performance marketing videos are an aspect of digital marketing that focuses on driving specific actions, such as sign-ups, product purchases, and downloads. Where digital marketing refers to the broader practice of advertising and selling products and services through digital means, performance marketing is an important, targeted aspect of it.


Just like how performance marketing is a strand of digital marketing as a whole, performance videos are similarly purpose-driven. Rather than videos focusing on increasing website traffic and Google Searches, performance videos are more focused on targeting individuals to impart the value of a product or service in a personal, engaging way. One look at our portfolio will show that we have a wealth of experience crafting these videos and truly understand their importance for any business.



The Qualities of a Performance Video

Performance marketing videos are built differently from product or brand videos and have a different target audience. Most of our performance videos are created for social media users, specifically those engaging in a ‘lean back’ experience. They’re made to appeal to the social media user who isn’t actively searching for content and is passively scrolling instead.


With this individual in mind, our performance video content needs to grab the user’s attention as soon as possible, ideally within just a few seconds of our video. We strive to open our videos with something attention-grabbing that will engage the prospective audience member enough so that they stop scrolling and watch our video.


An essential part of engaging the viewer is providing context. While we want to create something that visually stuns, we also need to ensure our video is relevant to the product or service. For instance, if our client tasks us with creating a performance video and they’re in the fintech industry, then it’s our goal to show in no uncertain terms that the video is for just that – a fintech business.



Why are Performance Videos Important?

Performance videos are crucial to showing a product’s authentic self and core elements. Other marketing videos are often created to position a brand or increase awareness. Performance videos, on the other hand, have a more specified purpose, and that is to present the product or service as clearly as possible.


Our performance videos aim to communicate with individuals rather than promote a brand to large potential audiences. We accomplish this by imparting the value of core elements and functionality for our client’s product. If, for example, Igloo Creative House is working on a performance video for Bluetooth earbuds, it’s in our best interest to detail its standout features in an eye-catching way. This could be its battery life, sound quality, or any other feature that really appeals to customers and could potentially generate sales.


Using performance marketing videos to market tangible qualities like a product’s distinctive features can resonate with a potential customer. Performance videos can be reflective of an individual viewer’s wants and need for a product or service, and if the video is gripping enough, it can lead to results. While performance marketing isn’t an exact science, it can produce excellent results if implemented well.



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