Choosing the Best Concept for Your TV Commercial

July 20, 2023

Choosing the right concept for your TV commercial is paramount to its success. With the right concept, your product or service can resonate with your target audience and lead to an uptick in interest and sales. Whether you aim to produce a TV commercial using live-action footage or an animated commercial, a well-executed concept will connect with your audience.


Igloo Creative House is an expert in crafting specialized TV commercials for your audience. As part of our expertize, we help with ideation and creative direction. Through our experience, we know that with the right concept, it’s possible to capture your audience’s attention and drive interest in your product or service.


Your TV Commercial’s Target Audience


Before deciding your TV commercial’s concept, it’s critical to understand who your target audience is – the types of people it will seek to gain interest from. This will help determine nearly every aspect of your commercial, whether it should be a live-action or an animated commercial, the plot, color palette, setting, type of language used, and more.


It’s equally important to align your TV commercial with your brand’s identity and values. If, for instance, your product is an affordable variety of wireless earbuds, it’s important to consider that their availability and low-cost nature should be expressed clearly in the TV commercial and avoid language, either spoken or visual, that would suggest it’s only for people of certain financial standings or exclusive in any way.


Brainstorming and Shortlisting TV Commercial Concepts


After carrying out diligent market research and with a clear understanding of your target audience, it makes sense to come up with several creative directions for your TV commercial. Instead of relying on one concept that, on paper, sounds like it would satisfy your needs, it’s important to devise several concepts in case some concepts might not be doable due to time, resources, or, financial constraints, so it’s crucial to have a few that you can develop at the beginning of the project.


From your initial list of TV commercial concepts, it’s good practice to shortlist them. Whittle down your concept through a process of elimination by considering the target audience, resource and financial factors, and market research in collaboration with your client. The storyboarding process can also help you and your client figure out what can and what won’t work. From here, it’s a much easier process to finalize which concept to use for your TV commercial. In addition, it could be worthwhile to gather feedback from colleagues or focus groups on your possible creative directions to inform which creative direction to commit to.


Consider Your TV Commercial’s Medium


It’s vital to decide early on what your TV commercial’s goals are. Should it be used to promote a specific service? Is it part of the marketing campaign for a new product launch? Should it be used to try and increase product sales? Clearly defining its goals should be done as part of the process of deciding which concept to use for your TV commercial.


It’s important to bear in mind the TV medium when it comes to achieving your TV commercial’s goal. TV commercials typically have a limited time, so your TV commercial needs to be created with this in mind, whether your TV commercial slot is a few seconds or over a minute long. This time constraint can be challenging, but a creative partner, such as Igloo Creative House, can use this time effectively to convey your message and optimize the allotted time as best as possible.


This necessitates capturing the audience’s attention quickly, whether that is with a captivating animated commercial or other elements that will encourage a viewer to keep watching. Additionally, TV commercials require a tight script to make use of the allocated time. A well-written script can convey your brand’s message clearly and capture the audience’s attention promptly.


If you’re looking to bring your TV commercial ambitions to life, look no further than Igloo Creative House. With our experience, we have the skills needed to help you grab your audience’s attention through either animated commercials, live-action, or hybrids. Take a look at our previous work today and contact us to collaborate!


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