Kryptomon 3D Animation and Live-Action Trailer Case Study

July 4, 2023

Kryptomon is a play-to-earn game featuring turn-based RPG gameplay and digital asset ownership features. Kryptomon features creature collection, training, and battling gameplay with countless distinct creatures. You can take your Kryptomon into battles and explore the vast open world with them, completing further training and quests. It was a pleasure for Igloo Gaming to come on board and work on Kryptomon with its unique spin on the creature collecting and battle style of RPG.




The Igloo team was tasked with providing a full range of services to create a trailer for Kryptomon that would engage viewers and encourage them to play the game. After coming up with several creative directions, we settled on the idea of blending live-action footage with 3D animation. Compositing live-action footage with 3D animation is no easy task, but with our experience, we were up to the challenge of incorporating live-action and 3D animation for this trailer. A hybrid trailer like this necessitated 3D modeling, creating 3D animation, shooting live-action footage, designing the sound, and compositing the live-action and 3D animation footage.




We began with a kick-off meeting with our client to mark the start of our work, where we established what our client was hoping to achieve both visually and conceptually for this hybrid live-action and 3D animation trailer. Our client came to this meeting prepared with references to help us determine the right creative direction. During the storyboarding process, our initial concept proved to be too ambitious to pull off with the allocated budget, so instead, we adapted the concept without needing to sacrifice creative elements.


After completing our script and storyboard for this 3D animation and live-action trailer, we moved on to the casting phase for the live-action trailer elements. In coordination with our client, we settled on the actors who should appear in the trailer. We scouted locations and took images for reference to help us later seamlessly integrate the 3D animation with the live-action footage. During the live-action filming, we supervised and offered consultation services to help produce the best shots possible. We developed a rough cut of the 3D animation, where we used Blender for 3D modeling, rigging, and animation processes. Using Adobe After Effects, we composited the live-action and 3D animation into the final refined trailer that was released for Kryptomon.




The live-action and 3D animation hybrid trailer was one of the biggest projects Igloo Gaming has completed to date. Our client couldn’t have been more happy with the final result and how it represented Kryptomon. Through weekly meetings including progress updates from every aspect of the project, our client was in the loop at all times and was completely satisfied with our extensive and completed work.


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