Optimizing for the Best Video Briefs

November 17, 2022

We’ve previously discussed how helpful briefs can be for working on any project. They’re a valuable method for clients communicating their needs for the work they expect and an invaluable tool for us here at Igloo Creative House to refer to throughout the production process.


Previously, we’ve examined crucial elements of briefs, including target audience, platforms, key messages, and more. These elements help our process immensely, but there is other information that can be just as helpful and important to include in a creative brief.


Technical Considerations

Several technical aspects can have an impact on the creative process. The desired length of a video is great information to receive from a client, which helps us better understand the pacing, and how quick our edits should be.


Video length can be an opportunity for us to consult. A client could specify they want a two-minute performance marketing video, but a video of that length for that purpose could impact its performance. We can step in with our experience and consult on how a shorter runtime could serve both the video and the client’s business better.


Audio Elements

Information about language, subtitles, and voiceovers is also good to have. Does the client want voiceovers included and if so, is there a preferred accent or rhythm? Should subtitles be used? At first glance, this might not seem like too much of a priority, but subtitles can affect visual elements. We want to avoid any instances of subtitles obscuring critical visual information.


Does the video need to be translated into another language? This is important to know as different languages can have varying word lengths, syllables, and pronunciations, which can have repercussions on the visual flow.


Budget Information

Budgetary information is important and can inform our creative process. At Igloo Creative House, we will never compromise on the quality and polish of a video’s script, regardless of the available budget. Where budgetary information is truly helpful is for us to figure out what style we can use for the video project. Some styles naturally can be more resource-intensive and require more people working on them. Knowing what budget we can work with allows us to properly determine what style to use, and what personnel should be working on the project.


The budget will never influence the quality of the final project. We at Igloo Creative House pride ourselves on our ability to deliver world-class results regardless of budgetary or any other type of constraints. Our goal, ultimately, is our client’s satisfaction!


Deadlines are Key

Deadlines help us construct a timeline for pre-production, production, and post-production. Each phase of a project is time-consuming, and understanding a client’s preferred deadline can help us shape how to distribute our time, resources, and people effectively.


Regardless of when our deadline is, we aim to deliver the best work possible in the most professional manner possible. A short deadline isn’t even necessarily going to harm our work, it’s more of a creative challenge to see how we can get the work required done in the allotted time frame.


Igloo is a part of Magic Media, an international group specialising in entertainment and gaming industry services. We have the combined bandwidth to tackle any project, at any size, in house. For a video partner who understands what you need to communicate with your video content, take a look at our reels today and get in contact to find out how we can lend our video expertize to your projects!