Production & Benefits of Playable Advertisements

September 28, 2022

Igloo prides itself on the variety of services we can provide. One area of expertize we’re particularly pleased with is our ability to create playable advertisements. While playable ads aren’t a brand new phenomenon, they’re somewhat uncommon to see.


Igloo Gaming has experience creating playable advertisements, and because of this proficiency, we understand the intricacies of creating interactive video content and the benefits for our clients.


Benefits of Interactive Video Content

Playable advertisements are more commonly seen in the gaming industry rather than in non-gaming products and brands. They can be used as an opportunity to engage potential customers by using mechanics from the full game. This is a great tool to entice potential gamers for casual games specifically. Casual games, compared to console and PC counterparts, are mechanically more straightforward and can be well-represented in playable advertisements because of this.


Interactive videos can also be a clever way of introducing characters, mechanics, and expansions. It might not be possible to do a full game justice by using a gamified video to show off its mechanics, perhaps it’s complex or has a particularly complicated premise. This is where specific aspects of a game can be shown off effectively. In an earlier project, we created a playable video to introduce the characters of the main game it was advertising, rather than condensing it down into something bite-sized that might not have represented the game too well.


This type of video content is a great way to bridge the gap between traditional advertisement videos and games, but it can also be beneficial for non-gaming products and brands too. In a campaign for Adidas, we crafted a soccer game to help them promote a new range of soccer footwear. The game was critical to engaging new potential customers and raising awareness of the client’s new products.


Creating Playable Video Content

Producing playable ads can be a complex process. Not only do we follow our typical ad production process, but we also need to bear in mind the interactive elements of the content. This essentially adds an extra phase to our process, where we need to code the video content so that users can interact with it.


For Igloo Gaming, our experience means we can handle the added step of coding with no problem, but it can become challenging depending on the client’s needs. In a previous project, we built online functionality so that a playable ad could have a leaderboard. This necessitated adding detailed code to facilitate the online feature, and it proved to be worth it. Playable ads tend to be great tools for engaging viewers to begin with, and adding a competitive edge to this project meant that the audience was even more engrossed in it.


Game-Changing Advertising

Playable advertisements are something of a game-changer for marketing video content. While they can be rare to see outside of the gaming industry, from our experience, they can mean high levels of engagement and direct responses from the target audience.


Our team has the experience to take your idea for interactive video content and take it through every step to completion. From initial creative ideas to design, production, and coding, your playable advertisements are in safe hands with Igloo Gaming.


Igloo is part of the Magic Media group, where we have the combined bandwidth to tackle any project, at any size, in house. Our team has the experience to take your idea for interactive video content and take it through every step to completion. If you’re looking for the perfect video partner to create immersive playable ads that connect with your audience, take a look at our reels and get in contact with us today!