Give Your Video the Respect It Deserves

October 26, 2020

We can now say for sure that video has become THE most engaging medium of communication when it comes to social media presence and brand marketing.


It’s no wonder though, that every business owner is on the hunt for a video, and we’re glad about it. After all, video is our business.


The problem begins when one forgets the qualities and the efforts involved in creating a good video, and pursue it just for the sake of “having a video”.
In other words – a lot of business owners who realize they need a video want it ‘Fast, Good and… Cheap.’


The Good, Fast & Cheap paradigm. You can only choose two…


Aside from this paradigm being irrational, taking this approach is risky.

Seriously. Undermining the time and efforts needed to create a good video might lead to unintended consequences.


Now, we’re not saying you have to spend tons of money and long months of production in order to create a great video.


But before we get to that – here are our three reasons why you better NOT make a video if you do not intend to treat it right.


A bad video makes a Bad Impression
There’s no second chance for a first impression. The thing about cliches is that they’re true.
Your video is your face, and once it’s out there, you can’t tell where or when people are going to encounter it, or what mood they are going to be in.
Your video needs to perform and represent you well at anytime.
A badly executed video will simply make a bad impression among your potential clients and keep them away.
Once a potential client has a bad impression, it will be very hard to change their mind.


A bad video can misinterpret the essence of your business
We all know the quick and dirty approach. In many cases – like testing stuff out, quick A/B tests, or just sensing a direction – it’s a good approach.
When it comes to your business video, it can be risky.

Making a good video takes time. Time to outline the messages, time to develop the style, time to nurture the production. None of the stages can be treated with levity.

The last thing you want is to publish your video, only to realize that it doesn’t tell your story well enough.


A bad video can make your viewers feel underestimated
Today’s audience is way more sensitive to quality. People can tell high production value and more specifically – people can tell POOR production value.
If your video’s design is amateur, if your animation is clumsy, if your story is boring – people will tell. And then they’ll go. Forever.


So, must you invest tons of money, time and resources in creating a video? Not necessarily, if you do it smartly.

A quality video doesn’t have to be that expensive if you give enough attention to the fundamentals, which are –


Creative development – A unique and smart idea can solve a lot of production pains.
It can be a witty script, strong metaphors, unique phrasing. A good creative draws attention.


Take our LogDog video for example. In this case, we came up with a simple creative that can be both minimalistic design-wise, yet will be catchy, humoristic and will be able to get the main message across clearly.


A witty creative, helped us simplify the design and still get the messages across



Visual appeal – You don’t have to use Hollywood style effects or tons of scenes and characters. Sometimes a clean and simple design can do the job and convey an endless array of emotions that will keep your viewers hooked if it’s done right


The ADAP Therapy video, for example, was made under a very tight budget. Our solution was to simplify the designs, so we won’t have to compromise on the story and the messages that need to get across.


Minimalistc design language helped us keep the quality while staying on budget



In conclusion – Making a great video doesn’t oblige you to break your piggy bank open.
It obliges to give certain stages the right treatment and time they deserve.


If you don’t have the time and budget to invest in your business video, you better wait for when you do.