The Three Ingredients You Must Put In Your Video

September 29, 2020

The Three Ingredients You Must Put In Your Video

Countless articles have been written over the video revolution – “90% of all content will be video,” “social networks prioritize videos in their algorithms,” “a video improves your conversion rate by 20%…” – we’ve heard that. Hey, we even made a video about it!
But that’s not why I’m here.


Don’t get me wrong, a video can do wonders – there’s no question about it.
It helps you get noticed, allows you to vary your messages, and gets people intrigued by what you have to offer. If you do it right, of course.


But that’s exactly the problem.
Businesses nowadays create videos indiscriminately, and often miss the essence of it. Or, even worse – they damage their brand.


Being a form of expression – your video must communicate. And here you have to ask yourself –

Does my video give my audience any value? Does it respect their time?


It doesn’t matter whether it’s a short sales ad or a high-level production brand video – these questions always need to be in the back of your mind.


Our very own video about… video!

So how can you win your audience’s attention?
Well, years of making videos have taught me that having the ingredients, which I’m about to share with you, will put you on the right track. Ready?


AKA Content.
That’s the core of your video. That’s the essence that keeps your audience interested.
If it’s a sales ad – make sure the target audience relates to the product (and vice-versa).
Tell the story of the relationship between your audience and your product.
If it’s a brand awareness video – make sure it captures the most colorful sides of your brand, and tells the story of WHY your brand is different. Evoke emotions.
If it’s a product video – make sure it focuses on the most unique features of the product, and tells the story of how your product interacts and changes your audience’s lives.


Ever since the iPhone came into our lives, people know how to evaluate a good design very well. Never take your video design lightly. It can really make or break your results.
A good design can cover up a weak story. A good design can BE the story.
Worse than that – if you have a great story, bad design can really mess it up.
Appreciate your audience’s eye. If you want them to take you seriously – look professional.


In a world of never-ending swiping and scrolling, people’s eye gets caught on rhythm.
If you want your audience to be pumped by your video – Make it fast and exciting (not epileptic, though). If you want things to sink in, give your audience the time to digest the information. People are very “timing-sensitive”. Make sure your video flows nicely.


In conclusion – video is a powerful tool that needs to be treated with care.
Whether it’s for brand awareness, sales, product, recruitment, user experience, fundraising, whatever – make sure you don’t create “another” video, but rather one that really touches your audience.


And if you need any help with your video – you know who you gonna call (hint hint: not Ghostbusters).