Commercials in the Digital Marketing Age

January 27, 2023

There are countless forms of traditional and digital advertising, and some are more prominently seen than others. Brand, performance, and explainer videos are extremely commonplace from what we’ve seen in our experience and the projects we’ve worked on. Some types, such as commercials, are arguably lesser-seen than their online-based counterparts yet help target a crucial audience.


While commercials are considered to be a part of the broader category of advertising, in the modern age of primarily online advertising, they’ve become a unique and appealing way of reaching certain demographics. While commercials might not be the first item on the list for a long-term marketing strategy, they hold significant value.


How to Define Commercials

Commercials are considered to be a form of advertising. In years past, it was far more dominant than it is today, but with the advent of the internet and as new forms of advertising emerged, it lost some of its potency. Today, however, it’s still impactful and overlooked to the potential detriment of many businesses.


The best commercials capture the main benefits for consumers. For instance, if we’re crafting a food commercial, our priority is to communicate what the food product can potentially do for the audience. This could include insightful information connected to health benefits, ease of preparation, and anything that makes the food item stand out.


The main criteria for an advertisement to be considered a commercial is for it to be released on traditional media, such as television and radio. Even if the same commercial was released unedited online, it would be considered an advertisement. The terminology can be challenging, even confusing, but availability on traditional media platforms is the main requirement.


Benefits of Commercials

A critical benefit of television commercials is that there is still a large audience watching terrestrial and satellite television. Despite the dominance of streaming platforms, television has proven resilient as a chosen form of entertainment. Because of this, there is a large audience to reach using television commercials. Afternoon and evening programs are especially popular, making these time slots perfect for inserting commercials.


Another advantage of using commercials is that they capture the attention of viewers while they’re actively focused on watching television. Commercials are usually short, coming in anywhere from 15 to 60 seconds, and if they’re crafted well enough, they’ll capture the viewers’ attention while they wait for the program they’re watching to return.


Perhaps the greatest advantage commercials offer is that they’re complementary to digital marketing efforts. Commercials are generally created for TV and radio, as previously mentioned, so there is no chance of them impeding any digital marketing plans. Using them in conjunction with online marketing efforts means a wider audience can be reached, and with commercials, it could mean reaching potential customers who aren’t online or choose not to use the internet.


Using Commercials

We’ve seen that commercials can fit any business or product, and their use isn’t limited to anything in particular. One look at the commercial projects we’ve worked on shows that everything from apps, fintech, and Igloo Gaming’s video content for gaming projects has proven to be highly effective and successful.


Commercials can also be a fantastic resource for fuelling whole marketing campaigns. A commercial can be edited so that it can fit into digital marketing efforts as well. With some clever editing, variations can be made that fit YoutTube, TikTok, Instagram reels, or any other platform. Though the primary use of commercials is to reach a wider audience, they’re an invaluable and efficient asset that can benefit other areas of your campaign.


Beyond the confines of the television set, commercials can be seen in public spaces. Movie theatres, kiosks at airports, and electronic billboards are common places to see commercials show up. Such exposure can do wonders for a business, but of course, it can be extremely costly to broadcast your commercials in these places. This can be prohibitive for smaller businesses, but a great opportunity for organizations with the budget required to gain mass public exposure to an audience that might not otherwise be accessible.


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