Developing a New Visual Language for Holiday Finder

January 25, 2024

Igloo Creative House had the opportunity to lend our video production services to Holiday Finder, a preeminent holiday booking business that needed a new visual language for its TV commercials. We previously had the pleasure of working with Holiday Finder, so it was a no-brainer for us to collaborate with them again for this significant project.


Developing a new visual language for a brand is a challenging creative endeavor, but one that Igloo Creative House was more than prepared for. Our only goal was to help Holiday Finder find a language that would resonate with its audience and refine their TV commercials.


Collaborating with Holiday Finder


We previously worked with our client to deliver post-production services for their video content. As 2023 began, Holiday Finder decided they wanted to work more closely with Igloo Creative House based on the high-quality work we provide and our ability to devise creative solutions for their projects.


We provided our expert video production services to produce several advertisements for Holiday Finder but found that the visual language used was not as effective as we’d hoped. To this end, our client decided their TV commercials needed a new look and feel, so we began our collaboration to find a new, exciting visual language.


Developing a New Language for TV Commercials


Our first step was to decide what feelings we wanted to convey. Considering that our client Holiday Finder facilitates holiday bookings, it made sense to us to communicate a sense of freedom, cleanliness, innovation, tech, and above all, fun. From there, we collected references and built a mood board that acted as a single source of truth for the creative direction we were heading in. With our goals defined, we began our research phase to find a creative direction that was both identifiable and affable.


The specific visual elements we used had very specific purposes and inspirations. The circular shapes and colors were derived from the Holiday Finder logo. The different objects, such as beach umbrellas and cars, were used to represent the world of travel and holidays. The overall goal was to develop a realistic aesthetic that was lighthearted and not too serious. We used 3D objects on a clean background so that we had the freedom to dress the setting in the most flexible way possible.


Our new set was in stark contrast to the previously used set. With our clear backgrounds and flexibility to dress the set as we needed, we had more freedom than ever before to fully leverage our expert video production services for Holiday Finder. Though we produced an enormous amount of work, this process only took roughly two months overall. The visual language we produced proved to be flexible, relevant, and most importantly, true to the Holiday Finder brand.


Team Composition and Client Communication


For this project, the Igloo team consisted of a Creative Director, an Art Director, an Illustrator, and a 3D Artist. This close-knit team was advantageous for optimal teamwork and allowed us to communicate internally in an effective manner, with feedback and discussions occurring regularly and with ease.


Due to our existing working relationship with Holiday Finder, they placed a lot of trust in us to deliver a compelling new visual language and provide creative solutions. We had frequent communication with our client and had weekly meetings where we would showcase our progress, discuss our direction, and answer any queries presented. We were fortunate to work with Holiday Finder on this project and are grateful for our close relationship with them.


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