Our Client Collaboration Process for High-Quality Product Videos

June 8, 2023

Igloo Creative House prides itself on its ability to deliver a wide range of high-quality product video content in a variety of styles. Regardless of the target audience, niche, or any other factors, we’re always delighted to work with clients to serve their audience with memorable, informative video content.


To consistently achieve this high level of quality, we view the video production process as truly collaborative. From beginning to end, we work closely with our clients at every stage to exceed their expectations and create the best product videos possible for their audience. To ensure successful collaboration, Igloo Creative House, and the wider Magic Media group as a whole, has a highly structured approach to the video production process, how we work with clients, and the information we require.


Kicking Off Our Collaboration


At the beginning of every project, we start things off with an extensive meeting with our client. The primary purpose of this meeting is for us to understand the client’s needs as best as possible. We converse about what is required to be part of the project and what can be considered optional inclusions.


Leveraging years of experience working with clients across countless projects, we also use this as an opportunity to consult on what would benefit the video content the most. We can advise on the overall direction, visual elements, length, and any aspect of the video project.


It’s beneficial, if possible, for clients to bring their original creative ideas into this meeting. Their ideas can feed our process and allow us to consult and come up with a creative direction that is meeting our client’s needs and allows Igloo Creative House to approach the project creatively.


Receiving Creative Briefs


Kick-off meetings are an excellent way for us to start building a relationship with our clients and understand their product video needs from a high level. For a more detailed understanding of requirements and any restrictions, we request that clients sent us a creative brief.


Creative briefs are detailed documents that include crucial information about the project, including distribution platforms, visual references, the target audience, key messaging, and any other relevant details. Further information about deadlines and budget is also critical for us to understand the scope of the project. We’ll never compromise on a script or the final product video’s quality due to budget constraints, and we’ll always find a way to creatively surpass our client’s needs, but we need to understand it to better manage our resources,


With a detailed creative brief, we can use this as a single source of truth for the project we can refer back to at every stage of the project’s lifecycle. Additionally, it also helps us to understand what areas we can consult on and to suggest different approaches for the benefit of the final video. 


Client Involvement and Structure


We involve clients as partners in all our projects. By involving clients in our video production process, our communication flows more naturally, and we can consistently gain insights into our client’s opinions, changing requirements, and any challenges that crop up. This level of client involvement is particularly important for product videos during the scripting stage. It’s mutually beneficial for clients to be involved at this stage so they can ensure any specific language or lingo required is included.


Our production process has a few distinct stages. After the kick-off meeting and receiving the creative brief, we do a creative pitch presentation with our client. Here, we present several possible creative directions and agree on an overall style for the product video. We then move on to writing the script with direct involvement from our client and then to the visualization phase where we represent the overall direction using original materials, client materials, key art, and any other relevant visual references.


With the script and design agreed upon, we move into the production phase, where the bulk of our work is done. We begin with a production meeting where our Animation Director will assign responsibilities and breaks down the production pipeline. This is where our animation work begins, and audio work is generally in progress simultaneously.


At every step of the process outlined, we’re in constant communication and collaboration with our client. Every work-in-progress piece we have is sent to them for approval and feedback, As we move from one phase to the next, we ensure any client queries are resolved and that they’re satisfied with our work every step of the way. Not relying solely on calls, we establish a communication pipeline using Slack or similar chat software to ensure our team is accessible for any feedback or to resolve any issues.


Ultimately, our goal is to ensure our client’s needs are met and their target audience is served. Following this process means our client is never surprised by our final output, and they know what to expect at every phase.


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