Researching and Developing Commercial Ideas

August 31, 2023

Commercial ideas need to be cultivated through careful planning and understanding of your product or service and the target audience. Commercials occupy an interesting and important place in any marketing campaign. While marketing has developed into a mostly digital practice, commercials can provide access to an audience that could be otherwise unreachable.


Creating a commercial begins with identifying the best ideas and creative approach for your product/service and target audience. To pinpoint the best commercial ideas, there are crucial steps to take to determine how to best serve your audience and showcase your product or service in the best possible way.


Researching Commercial Ideas


The first order of business when it comes to any creative project is to research to help steer the direction of your commercial. Researching takes many forms when it comes to deciding on commercial ideas. First and foremost, research should involve the product or service the commercial is being crafted for, which is especially important for service providers like Igloo Creative House. Understanding the product helps identify what should be highlighted specifically in the commercial, whether it’s distinct functionality, the product or service’s core appeal, or breakthrough technology.


Researching commercial ideas also necessitates conducting a competitor analysis. Rather than diving into a commercial project without clear ideas of what has been historically successful, it can be beneficial to look at competitor services and products to see what has been successful for them. Leveraging existing successful ideas in a way that works for your product or service can help increase the likelihood of your commercial being successful and resonating with your audience.


Speaking of audiences, it goes without saying that understanding your target audience is one of the most crucial elements of successful commercials. Commercials tend to have inherently different demographics to those of digital marketing channels. Depending on gender, age, country, and many more factors, traditional television viewers will have different watching habits, and it’s important to align these viewers with particular viewing habits as closely as possible with your product/service’s target audience.


Brainstorming and Developing Commercial Ideas


After spending time thoroughly researching competitors, your target audience, and the product/service you’re supporting with video content, it’s the perfect time to start teasing out a few creative directions for your commercial. It’s a good idea at this early stage to generate a wide variety of ideas. Though one or more ideas might seem sure to succeed on paper, in execution, they might not be so infallible. Preparing several creative directions that cater to your target audience is good practice.


Having a few ideas in place and understanding your target audience will help you expand on your ideas to resonate as best as possible with your audience. The choice of setting, overall visual style, actors involved, the language used, and more are critical decisions to tailor your commercial for your target audience. Developing sketches, storyboards, and animatics helps visualize the commercial more clearly and helps to identify the elements that work and if anything needs to be adjusted or cut.


Once settled on something from your collection of commercial ideas, crafting a storyboard to serve as a blueprint for the project is highly advisable. The storyboard can be used as a constant reference throughout the commercial’s production process and be referred back to if there’s any uncertainty throughout. Importantly, care should be taken to ensure that the commercial is consistent with the product or service it’s promoting. Regardless of its overall creative direction, it’s wise to use the brand’s language where possible and any visual elements or colors that could be associated with the brand. This helps to establish a cohesive identity 


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