Video Production Strategy for Marketing Gaming Projects

June 12, 2024

As part of Igloo Gaming’s wide range of video production services for gaming projects, we offer our experience and expertize to clients who need assistance developing their video production strategy to market their gaming projects to the world. Games, like any other product or service, require a concentrated video marketing effort to gain exposure and increase their chances of success.


Regardless of your game’s unique style, budget, or time constraints, we endeavor to create a bespoke video production strategy that targets the right audience, garners a wide reach, and gives your games the strongest chance of success possible.


Client Collaboration for Video Production Strategy


At the beginning of any project where we’re lending our video production services, we meet with our clients to discuss the overall video production strategy for the project. Initially, we meet clients to understand their target audience, competitors, and what they look to achieve with our video production services. To develop an effective video production strategy, we seek to understand what your game is about and its standout features to help it stand out in the gaming market through our video production services.


After working with our client to determine the budget and timelines, we craft several possible creative directions as part of a broader video production strategy. We communicate our ideas with our clients consistently, providing them with references and clear ideas about what types of video content we’re thinking, whether it’s TikTok material or App Store advertisements. We communicate exhaustively with our clients to agree on a creative direction, and from there, we can start our video production services work.


Clients Shape the Video Production Strategy


Depending on our clients, their needs, and how established they are as game developers or publishers, our video production strategy will consist of different goals. For instance, with clients who are relatively new in the gaming industry or aren’t household names, we commonly aim to create a wide range of diverse content as part of our video production services. For instance, we would commonly craft a full-length trailer, several user acquisition videos, and further video content that could be edited into smaller, shorter pieces for promotional purposes. Creating a breadth of content like this helps less-established clients generate more buzz for their games.


For established clients, our video production strategy tends to be a little different. As these clients will generally have a strong identity carved for their brand and games, we spend more time focusing on ideation and producing high-quality video content that resonates with their existing brand and game identities.


Video Production Strategy and Performance


For video production content for games, we look at specific KPIs to understand how well they’re performing – click-through rate (CTR) and cost per install (CPI). With CTR, can understand how many people engage with the video content we create. To ensure a low CPI, we go to every length to ensure that our video content captures a game’s gameplay, story, and presentation perfectly. Some games with arguably misleading advertisements tend to drive up CPI, meaning that fewer players are interested in playing the game due to the misrepresentative video content.


As part of our video production strategy, we monitor these KPIs actively and keep consistent communication with our clients. This allows us to constantly tweak and creatively optimize our video production strategy, whether that might mean something as small as changing the wording of our call to action or adjusting our videos so that gameplay is shown sooner or meaningful story aspects are highlighted.


Working with Constraints to Deliver Video Production Services


Regardless of budgetary or time constraints, we always deliver high-quality video content. Even with smaller budgets, there are always ways to deliver second-to-none video content, unencumbered by budget constraints. This is similar to tight deadlines, which can be overcome by cleverly using simpler creative directions where necessary to reach them without compromising on quality.


If you require a knowledgeable and trusted partner to deliver the video production services you need for your games, look no further than Igloo Gaming! Contact us today to learn how we can level up your video content.


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